Four simple ways to refuel

refresh list

It seems like weeks fly by so quickly, and I’m often wondering not only where the time has gone, but how I’ve actually spent it. It’s so easy for my routine of busy days at work to roll into weekends of catching up on rest and chores. Getting rest and chores completed is a good thing, but not always refueling. So I’m trying to be more intentional about activities that provide some refreshment. What activities refresh or refuel you? I would say these are my top four I want to be most intentional about during the coming summer months.

1. Spend time outside. This last weekend my friend and I took a drive down to Dana Point. We ate some breakfast, walked along the harbor and ended up at another beach where for a while, we just sat on a bench and took in the beauty. Feeling the sun, staring at the water and enjoying the breeze helped me get my creative juices going. I started getting a lot of ideas, where this doesn’t happen in my day to day running around. I was thankful and needed the reminder to go back again soon.

2. Make something and give it away. Whether it’s a craft, homemade card or experimenting with a new recipe, I really enjoying making something to put a smile on someone’s face who may need to little brightening. I made these blueberry burst muffins a while back for my cousin and her husband and they were a hit.

3. Be still. This coffee mug is a reminder of me sitting on my couch and cracking open my bible. It’s something I try to do everyday, but Saturday mornings are usually a key time for me to really sit, reflect on the week and take in what I’m reading.

4. Enjoy the company of a friend. I’m very fortunate to live near an area the most folks visit for vacation. There are many areas to explore and enjoy. The problem is, I forget to take the time and enjoy what’s around me. A good friend and I recently ventured off to Balboa Island and had a late 3:00 lunch on a Saturday. On a whim we tried an Italian place where we shared this amazing antipasto platter, some pasta and a little wine. It was refreshing, relaxing and a good reminder to take time out of the normal routine to venture off and just enjoy life.

{photos taken by me}


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